May 2011. Issue 01.

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Monday, 5 September 2011

The Cutting Room Floor : One

I have friends in a number of questionable professions, none more dirty than the Hollywood Cleaner.  He is called in to mop up the detritus left on the cutting room floor after the editors have been medicated, restrained and wheeled out.

Quite often amongst the styrofoam coffee cups and the crusty tissues, he finds discarded cells from classic movies.  In the first of a series, I present the things they threw away.  The scenes that could have been.  First up: 

2001: A Space Odyssey  (Stanley Kubrick - 1968)
The greatest Sci-fi film ever made. ©

1. As Dave entered the Stargate, he took his final daily before the LSD kicked in.

2. This scene was to accentuate the tedium and lack of anything to do for the crew.  It was deemed unnecessary, and potentially dangerous, when a test screening resulted in the audience developing a case of collective narcolepsy.

3. This final scene was cut from the first interaction with HAL and Dave.  It was decided that Dave would have been smart enough to have secured what he asked of HAL before leaving Earth; to think otherwise would imply he was a failure as a man.

The game of chess was added instead.